Saturday, April 13, 2013


When someone comes up with a name like RockFish for a company I get intrigued.

Probably the proprietor likes rock music and fish. A potent combination by all means. Maybe he's a bong. The name would appeal to bongs for sure ... After all they love their fish and bangla rock is the rage these days ! Singing rabindrasangeet with a touch of rock seems to be the in thing ... Go check out the movie "bong connection". The rock version of "pagla hawa" is hilarious. But then a bong proprietor in the middle of mid-west is unlikely ... So maybe we have a Phish fan here who chose to dissect the band in the interest of his company. Then maybe its someone who is a piscean rocker who decided one fine day to branch out into more mundane material pursuits ...

So many possibilities and they say "what's in a name" ???

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Midnight snack @ Aromas

A nice little cafe in hiranandani with a warm and welcoming ambience. Often come here for a late night snack. They serve a refreshing ice tea which is actually freshly brewed and not the instant powder stuff served in your run of the mill cafes ...

For bites check out their pizzas, chicken peri peri which we had today :-), bruschettas. The desserts are awesome ... We had the carrot and walnut brownie with icecream today !!!

Gotta work off the extra calories tomorrow ...

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kambakht Bilkul Aurat

3 stories by Ismat Chughtai directed by Naseeruddin Shah !!! This is a followup to the hugely successful Ismat Aapa Ke Naam ...

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Jet Airways HongKong to Mumbai

This is a post inspired by an old friend, an intrepid jetsetter who has this unique hobby of collecting pictures of airline meals from his flights !!! So on a recent flight decided to do so myself ... Jet Airways serves good stuff :-)

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Weekend Drive to Kelwa Beach

Kelwa Beach is about a 100km drive from Mumbai up the western express highway and then a left after Vasai ...

Quite a scenic drive once you get off the highway meandering through mini hillocks and creeks.

There's the Kelwa beach resort right next to the beach where you can hang out, have lunch and of course spend time at the beach.

The other attraction is the ShitlaDevi temple nearby where legend has it that Sita spent time with Luv Kush while on exile from Ayodhya !!!

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