Saturday, April 13, 2013


When someone comes up with a name like RockFish for a company I get intrigued.

Probably the proprietor likes rock music and fish. A potent combination by all means. Maybe he's a bong. The name would appeal to bongs for sure ... After all they love their fish and bangla rock is the rage these days ! Singing rabindrasangeet with a touch of rock seems to be the in thing ... Go check out the movie "bong connection". The rock version of "pagla hawa" is hilarious. But then a bong proprietor in the middle of mid-west is unlikely ... So maybe we have a Phish fan here who chose to dissect the band in the interest of his company. Then maybe its someone who is a piscean rocker who decided one fine day to branch out into more mundane material pursuits ...

So many possibilities and they say "what's in a name" ???

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