Monday, December 13, 2004

Whats in a name ?

So you are wondering ! Whats Changa and who is Chimi ???

Chimichanga is a Mexican dish ... something like a fried stuffed tortilla in a cheesy gravy. Or thats how it was served in the Mexican joint near my office in Cincinnati. Quite popular ( with me ! ) and reminiscent of the Kolkata road-side chicken roll if you ask me.

Now for the connection.

I was starting this blog on a hungry note ( no pun ), thinking how good it would be to have a bite sized morsel of cheesy chicken chimichanga melt in my mouth with the aroma of cayenne pepper seasoning wafting in the air and the pungent flavour tantalising my taste buds. 

Set my stomach rumbling and blocked my senses to a point that I could think of nothing but how I would savour the experience.

Delicious like this blog is going to be ...

August 2008 : 

I'd initially named this blog "Chimichanga" on a whim ( explained above !!! ). But then I was not planning to write about food ( at least not exclusively ) so needed change the name to something more representative of what I'll actually write about. 

Realised it was time to reposition the blog ... 

New branding : Mumbaiscope !!! Snapshots from the reels of Mumbai life ...