Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunset from Murud Beach

The sun seems to be dissolving into the Janjira Fort ...

View from Janjira Fort

360 degrees of pristine seascapes from the highest point @ Janjira fort ...
Reflection of the sun transforms the sea into shimmering silk. The inadequate Blackberry camera does no justice to the awesome sight.

Almost at Janjira

Awesome view of the island and the fort !!!

Cottage on Alibag Road

Taking a break at a village roadside tea stall ... Just behind it there's this pink cottage ... quaint and peaceful !!!

Breakfast stop @ McD near Panvel

A quick breakfast of chicken sandwiches and pancakes ...

Headed out of Mumbai for the weekend !!!

First stop before hitting the highway ...

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Jimmy Boy and Bade Mian

Two culinary institutions of Mumbai visited on the same Saturday sometime last year ...

Jimmy Boy : Entered and noticed Raju Hirani sitting at a corner table relishing some mutton dhansak. We ordered the lagan nu bhonu (inr 600) which is a typical Parsi wedding meal ... Came with patrani machchi, dhansak, other dishes and ended with lagan nu custard. Good for 2 unless you are very hungry. Awesome lip-smacking food ... Will be back for more !!!

We'd parked the car at the Horniman Circle bang opposite :

Bade Mian : We only knew of the Bade Mian on the lane behind the Taj ... This one is decidedly more upmarket ... Has airconditioning for godssake :-) learnt that this is a branch of the original BM. After lunch at JB we'd spent a couple hours browsing @ Jehangir Art Gallery and were getting a bit hungry ... So asked for a plate of Chicken malai kebaabs (inr 150) ... Nice !!!

Frugal Innovation is the driver for UID - Nilekani

On the front page of Eco Times today ...

Frugal Innovation is the new mantra !!!