Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Grihapravesh at Gundecha Hills

"Griha+Pravesh" in Sanskrit translates to "House+Entry" ... rituals performed while entering a new home.
The sun, moon & stars ( and a bengali brahmin pundit seen in the pictures above ) had to be aligned in order to finalize the date of moving into our new home.
For the uninitiated, a Grihapravesh may be done only by a pundit on specific auspicious dates as per the Hindu almanac ... In the meantime the contract at our previous rented apartment was running out, the landlord was chasing us to vacate and obviously the new home had to be made ready to live in.
So you get the picture ... pulling off the Grihapravesh while tweaking all these constraints was no walk in the park ... and we did it on 29th June 2009 !!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Note from Evernote

Got this new app "evernote" installed on my mobile ... quite cool ... it allows me to create notes, take pictutes, record voice and video from my mobile and also upload all of these to a website which I can then access from my laptop.

I think I can also email the stuff directly to blogspot and it gets automatically published ... well lets see if this post comes up on my blog.

Note from Evernote

by udayand

the cupboard is almost ready