Thursday, January 15, 2009

Raju & Satyam

Here's a Facebook exchange I had with Ambale :-)

Vivek is laughing over: "Raju, Raju - Yes Baba; Cheating us - No baba; Telling lies - No baba; Open the balance sheet - HA HA HA!" 8:49am - Comment

Udayan Dasgupta at 11:57am January 10
here i lose money on moronic raju and someone tinkers with nursery rhymes for a laugh ... sheer poetic injustice :-(

Vivek Subramanyam at 2:08pm January 10
@UD: Ouch.. hope the damage on Raju was not too bad. Anyways, tinker with a nursery rhyme and I assure you - you will feel better!

Udayan Dasgupta at 8:34pm January 10
hmmmm ... lets give it a shot ...

Raju with intentions very ill
Cooked Satyam books and stock prices went up Banjara Hill
Then he tried to buy Maytas with money only on paper
The deal broke down
Raju lost his crown
And Satyam came tumbling after

nope i dont feel any better ...