Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Top 3 Durga Pujos in Mumbai


Here are my top 3 Durga Pujas in Mumbai ... may change though after we visit some more Pujos over the next 3 days :-) 

Best Pujo ambienceRamkrishna Mission Durga Pujo, Khar ( Top Left )
Best Protima : North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Pujo, Santa Cruz ( Top Right )
Best Pandal & Lighting : Hiranandani Gardens, Powaii ( Bottom 2 )

The phrase "Pandal Hopping" is appropriate for Kolkata where there are 3 pujos on every street each a stone's throw away ... in Mumbai driving from one pandal to the other is an ordeal ... takes hours with all the traffic ... then actually discovering the pandal & finding a parking slot ... its more of a "Pandal Expedition" !!! 

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  1. I have spent about 9 years in Delhi and excluding this year, i have spent all of the rest in Delhi during pujo. Hence, I can understand what you mean by the term "pandal expedition"! You have to drive some 8 or 9 km and then happen to come upon a pandal!! This year however I was in Kolkata during pujo and I think there were upwards of 1500 pandals throughout the city!!