Saturday, November 15, 2008

A pledge in the memory of Manjunath

On 19th Nov 2005, Manjunath, sales manager at Indian Oil Corp, a fresh alumnus of IIML was murdered in cold blood. Reason : He stood by his principles and refused to allow adulteration of petrol in his territory which irked the petrol mafia.

How many of us would be brave enough to actually do this if we knew that our very life was at stake ??? Not many ...

Thats what makes Manju special, a hero ... on his 3rd death anniversary lets all take a pledge :

I, a Citizen of India, know and acknowledge that integrity matters today more than ever: to me, to those in my life and to the wellbeing of all of the collectives of which I am a part.

I therefore commit myself to set an example through ethical conduct for the furtherance of integrity and to work against all forms of corruption that I come across in whatever ways possible to me.

I will not accept or offer any advantage, gifts or benefits that compromise my values of integrity.

I am prepared to explain honestly and be accountable for my actions when dealing with all spheres of society. Therefore, my actions will be transparent.

I will strive for high standards of service and ethical behaviour and promote these values in those around me.
Through the above actions I hope to promote the welfare of all our people.

This is my pledge as a responsible Indian Citizen.

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