Sunday, December 31, 2006

31st Dec 2006

ISKON temple, a movie ( Bhagam Bhag, Govinda's return to the box office after a hiatus of 4 years ? ), Juhu Beach, Lunch at Oh! Calcutta ( Mochar Ghonto, Fish Chop, Pabda Shorsho ), Mishti Paan, Hypercity, Crossword, Inorbit Mall, Sweet Bengal ( Kochuri, Lobongo Lotika ) ... kind of summarises what I was upto on the last day of 2006.

Missed Piya & Deep who are in Kolkata.

The multi-plexes, malls and food-courts were choc-a-bloc with people jostling to splurge ... the current meccas of entertainment ... the beach and temple were relatively less crowded at least in the morning !!! Returned home at 8pm and just about managed to beat the peak traffic of revellers going to their respective bashes.

All signs that the Great Indian Consumer is flexing its purchasing power ... should be a good year ahead !!!

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