Friday, August 15, 2008

Gujju thali lunch at Rajdhani

Independence day means freedom from counting calories !!!

So we headed out to Rajdhani @ Nirmal Lifestyles in mulund our favourite gujju thali place. We dare to lunch here only once in about six months. The food is sumptuous but loaded with ghee and they are always eager to pour more on your rotis and parathas.

Gujjus like Bongs also have a major sweet tooth maybe even more so ... Bongs end meals with mishti but gujjus apparently even start with sweets. We got a "malpoa" topped with cream to start our meal and then a ghee drenched "moong halwa" as dessert.

After such heavy duty eating I was planning to go to crossword and lounge around and check out some new authors but piya dragged me into a shopper's stop monsoon sale. I'm not sure how i'm supposed to add value to buying skirts for our nieces [specially when the few I liked were immediately rejected without explanation ] but hanging in there gamely ... Giving moral support I guess.

I see a few other guys around with similar predicament looking around with a vacant glazed gaze while their girlfriends/wives scour the store with a rare focus in their eyes and body language to grab the best bargains !

Maybe independence days should also mean freedom from shopping !!!

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  1. A Bong eating Gujju thali! SACRILEGE! where is the pheesh?? aar ei shukto te shaala mishti diyechhe keno?