Sunday, August 03, 2008

Mumbai International Airport Revamp

Mumbai int airport used to be a godforesaken, paint-peeled, brick-exposed, badly-lit, almost un-airconditioned semicircular two-storied building [ departure on the top / arrivals below ] ... Unless you were travelling biz class and got access to the lounges it was difficult to even buy a sandwich or a coke while waiting for your flight. If your flight arrived late you could be thankful if you got a cab to the city and then if the cabbie did not fleece you or worse.

The aerobridges worked once in a while and you got your luggage back after a flight if you were lucky or Amitabh Bachchan [ though he just got the bags minus the designer stuff inside ] - do read the big man's blog on bigadda.

Well guess what - times they're a changing ... Today morning I got a glimpse of the facelift @ mumbai airport. Swanky snack joints, coffee shops, hey even a bar. The aircon worked, the loos were clean - with functional flushing and glitzy duty-free shops.

The airport is the FMOT [ first moment of truth for the uninitiated ] for any foreign traveller so we owe it to ourselves to give them a soft landing (pun not intended). What the govt airport agency couldn't do in decades is being accomplished in a few months. GVK is doing a super job though there is some way yet to go - but I liked the sneak preview so check out the pictures attached below :

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