Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Indias : A visible divide

I wonder if in any other nation there is such a stark urban-rural divide as there is in India. The visible chasm between the top 500 cities in India and the rest of the towns and villages is enormous.

In an earlier post I'd touched on the repurcussions of such a gap and the influx this causes into our big metros ... but till recently this gap was only a perception in my mind. It was only during a recent visit to a village ( and this was not even deep rural ... only about 50 km from Pune and an hour's drive ) that I got to see this divide first hand.

India Rural :


At the Paud village I took a few snaps of the village center and a shop where I tried to buy a bottle of mineral water ( without luck ) ... 

India Urban :


The Big Bazaar in Pune on the other hand stocks 8 different brands of mineral water ( including Evian if you have the moolah !!! ).

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  1. So whats the point you are trying to make ? The Rural / Urban divide has been there forever and is here to stay.