Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zardari Palin Sin(gh)drome


To be recited in the tune of the nursery rhyme "Pussy cat, Pussy cat where have you been ?"

Zardari and Singh
Where have you been ?
"We've been to Washington"
To chat with the queen Palin

Zardari, Zardari tremendously tharki
What did you do there ?
"I went all Mushy, forgot protocols, flirted shamelessly"
And desperately tried to hug her !!!

Singh, Singh wanna be King
What did you do there ?
"I coached Palin on Economics 101 and Nuke 123"
Till I was assured she had her concepts clear !!!

In chorus by Indo-Pak diplomatic aides

Zardari and Singh
What did they do together ?
Zardari sucked up to Singh, called him King
And named him father of modern India !!!
Then they opened bottles of whiskey, got drunk ...
And decided to postpone the Kashmir discussions to next year !!!


  1. Hi,
    Is there any way I can contact you.
    It is regarding this
    and you are affected too

  2. @S you are already in contact with me ... who has plagiarized what of mine ???