Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bengali Sweets in Mumbai

I dont think I have a "Sweet Tooth" as such but then you cant keep a bong away from his beloved ilish and mishti for long. After all we bongs live to eat ...

So when the urge to dig into a nolen gurer shondesh, kheer kodombo or mishti doi+rosogolla gets really strong ( and it happens about once in a couple months ) "Sweet Bengal" is where we head off to ... the only joint in Mumbai where you get authentic Bengali sweets.

There are quite a few branches ... the nearest to our home is the one @ 1st Floor Galleria Mall, Hiranandani - Powai and others on JP Road Andheri West, Napean Sea Road ( pictures above ), Inorbit Mall-Malad etc ... The quality and taste is consistently amazing and the ambience is pleasantly bengali with Jamini Roy prints, copies of Desh & Sananda for sale ... The salesmen are usually bongs themselves and once they make out you are bong will give you a nice toothy smile and start chatting in bong and urge you to have the extra mohan bhog or plate of rosomalai ...

Getting tempted to go and have some koraishutir kochuri and chhannar shingara today ...


  1. just moved to mumbai - thanks for letting us know

  2. buddy....u hv no clue about som of the gr8 new mishtis and mishti doi dats availbale ony at "pepujo" @ belapur......thats the closest to kolkata.....shiva

  3. Can you please let me know where this shop 'Sweet Bengal' is in 'Inorbit Malad'. I have never seen this shop at Food Court of Inorbit. Please let me know ASAP. I am dying to buy lots and lots of stuff.

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