Saturday, September 26, 2009

Powai Durga Puja 2009

The Pandal near Hiranandani @ Powai is a replica of Konark Temple. Its a few hundred meters from our home so this is where we're offering pushpanjali and having the all important bhog.

Lots of options ( on the food front ) in the evenings ... in fact Bijoligrill, a well known Kolkata based caterer ( mom says they'd done the catering for her wedding ) has set up a counter here. Tried out the fish-fry the other night, priced at 100 bucks the price seemed a bit steep but it was really scrumptious ... planning to try out the biryani tonight. One of my rants has aways been the lack of authentic biryani in Mumbai ... lets see if Bijoligrill lives up to its reputation :-)
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  1. Are there any pandals in Powai this year? Where does this normally happens in Powai?

  2. There is though this may be the last year ... the pandal is adjacent to the "China Valley" restaurant and opposite Hiranandani School ...