Monday, July 21, 2008

Another weekend goes by

Weekends have this strange habit of just zipping away in a flash. Friday evenings are a blur and the mornings are strong cups of black tea with the newspapers. Sometimes I wonder if i'm the only paranoid guy who gives in to this strange compulsion to go through each page of the weekend papers AND the supplements. I simply can't put the papers down till i've leaved through each page as if I would miss something of earth-shattering importance if I didn't.

And then there are the liesurely lunches ... Better still if someone is coming over for lunch. I try to catch up on some email between lunch and tea [ the evening cuppa ] but more often than not surrender to a couple hours of snooze. Evenings are for going out, shopping, catching the odd reality show [ currently piya & I are following splitsvilla ] or plain pottering around.

Sunday evenings are the usual post-mortem of what the weekend could have been with slight guilt pangs when all the to-do lists are not ticked off ... Those naturally spill over to yet another weekend which in its own unerring course also goes by.

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