Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inner Circle Quiz 2

Feedback to Quiz 1 a) Questions are too lengthy b) They are too easy to Google !!! c) KISS ... so here's some shorter, simpler trivia :

Acknowledgements : The questions are either sourced from quizzes I've participated in or from those posted on the net.

What was Mark Twain referring to when he said “this day on which are reminded of what we are on the other 364”?

April Fool's day

Which country singer took his name from the capital of Colorado?

John Denver

We have heard of a 'Mexican Wave'.But what is a 'Mexican raise'?

Promotion but without any salary hike !!!

What is the similarity between Levi Strauss and Fevicol?

Fevicol logo has a globe being pulled by elephants and Levis logo is a pair of jeans being pulled apart by horses

This fast-food gets its name from a nobleman's addiction to gambling which resulted in its creation ?

Sandwich. The Earl of Sandwich preferred that one of his hands always be free to hold his hand of cards.

In olden days, the Arabs believed that the entrance to Hell was somewhere in or near which geographical landmark ?

The Dead Sea

In cricket, what does the term spectacles mean?

Duck in both innings

In what way did the Central Bank of Sweden celebrate its 300th anniversary in 1968?

Started the Nobel Prize for Economics

In his last first class innings, W.G.Grace walked off the pitch without being declared out, when his score stood at 93. What was the reason he gave for this?

This was the only score between 0-100 at which he had never been out ever before in his career.

Who said this "Scientific Problems are familiar to me, but I have neither the natural capacity nor the experience to handle human beings" on being offered the presisency of Israel ?



  1. If you are going to pose historical interrogations, it is probably best first to check the accuracy of your premises. W.G. did indeed make that amusing claim about his reasons for declaring on 93, but it was not in his final first-class match.

  2. rodney : my sources confirm it was WG's last game ... why would he do this otherwise in any case ???

  3. Your sources have let you down. This -- http://www.cricketarchive.co.uk/Archive/Scorecards/7/7506.html -- was WG's last game, as this -- http://www.cricketarchive.co.uk/cgi-bin/player_oracle_reveals_results2.cgi?playernumber=43&opponentmatch=exact&playername=WG%20Grace&resulttype=All&matchtype=All&teammatch=exact&startwicket=&homeawaytype=All&opponent=&endwicket=&wicketkeeper=&searchtype=MatchList&endscore=&playermatch=contains&branding=cricketarchive&captain=&endseason=&startscore=&team=&startseason= -- so clearly shows. In neither innings did he come close to 93.

    As to his reasons for declaring, he stated (quite correctly) that 93 was the only score from zero to 100 that he had never peeled off before.

    Apologies for the lay-off,

  4. @ Rodney ... thanks for the detailed investigations ... I stand corrected :-)