Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jhaal-moori : Once upon a rainy evening

Rains in mumbai are a pain. Not that its not in other cities i've stayed in ... Ranchi, jampot, kolkata and to a lesser degree benaras and lucknow have their fair share of rains but it rains hard for sometime and then you are done with it. But the 24X7 drizzle here drives me crazy ... Its something like an incessant chinese torture if you get what I mean.

Jhaal-moori is the perfect antidote to mood swings in such times [ even when the rainsgods take a break ... The demonaic roads forces one to stay depressingly indoors ].

The best jhaal-moori i've had were on trains to and from howrah during my visits from ranchi and jampot. The j-m would usually be mixed in an empty dalda tin can with mustard oil, green chilli slices, chana-choor, assorted powdered spices and topped with coconut wedges and served in newspaper 'thongas' ... Simply awesome !

So here is piya munching home made j-m ... made with haldiram 'mixture' ... Though she is not so passionate about j-m ... Her 'comfort food' is 'phuchka' but that's the subject of another post some other time ... You can also see deep running around oblivious to the rains outside :-)

Well the video just refused to get uploaded ! So will try later ...

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