Sunday, July 27, 2008

Basket chaat at mumbai

Basket chaat is a pleasant memory from lucknow days ... It was a must-have whenever we managed to go out to the town ie. Hazratganj which was synonymous with 'ganjing', 'chaat' and 'kebaabs'.

Chaat in mumbai is 'sev puri' and 'bhel puri' which are good in themselves but not nearly in the same league as chaat from lucknow or delhi. That for me is the authentic chaat ... with just the right amount of punch and a subtle balance of flavours ...

Anyway after 8 years in mumbai we finally found a chaat which comes close to what I used to love in lucknow - the 'only parathas' outlet @ nirmal lifestyles in mulund makes one mean basket chaat ... Had it for the 3rd time today in as many months and its highly recommended for those yearning for some real chaat.

We washed it down with some sweet lassi which was a reminder of the lassi in benaras - lanka and gadhaulia minus the thick layer of malai on top ... that I'm yet to discover in mumbai !!!

Piya and I attacked the basket chaat before I remembered that it would be good to take a pic for the benefit of those who have never seen one ... a bit too late !!!

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  1. I agree with you, UD. I have been searching for the same Lucknowi chaat since we left campus. Have not found it yet. The problem might be the geography where I am seaching!! ;)