Monday, July 28, 2008

Mumbai on the roads

Driving on mumbai roads is an art.

I'd learnt driving in cincinnati, on a rented chevy but had to quickly unlearn everything when I started driving my santro in mumbai ... And it is not only about the manual stick gear or driving on the left ... It is all about the right angles and mental time motion estimation ... of cutting lanes to overtake a rickety rickshaw and swerving to avoid bumping into a bummbling bullock.

Of course monsoons are an added constraint in the equation not to forget the potholes, puddles, flyover & metro constructions.

Did I say art ... Make that science !!!

What will it take to set the roads straight (pun?) ? Money ... Not really more than 200 crores are poured into road repairs every year in mumbai city alone. I'd really like to ask mr. Phatak BMC commissioner where exactly does this money go ... Not that I would expect an answer. Taxpayers money going into the coffers of the corrupt nexus of politicians, civic authorities and construction companies.

And we continue to suffer smilingly with the legendary mumbai sangfroid trying to ignore the ironic signs which blatantly proclaim "bear with us for a better tomorrow" !!!

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